LNB-2 Powered Lift Hand Truck

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Lift'n Buddy LNB-2 Elevating 2-Wheel Hand Trucks make transporting and lifting items faster, safer and easier in any work environment. They combine the vertical lifting capabilities of a small powered stacker with the convenience, versatility and simplicity of a 2-wheel hand truck.

Use the LNB-2 to transfer loads to shelves, workbenches, conveyors, processing equipment, delivery trucks, and customer vehicles in a wide range of facilities including manufacturing, warehousing, retail, office, medical, hospitality, commercial bakeries, repair/rental shops and more.


  • Load Capacity 200 lbs @ 10" L.C.
    Vertical Travel 37"
    Lifting Speed 4" per second
    Platform Dimensions 20"x 16"
    Backrest Dimensions 20" x 22"
    Wheels 8" x 2"
    Overall Dimensions 20" x 52" x 25"
    Max Raised Height 38 ¾"
    Weight 70 lbs
    Maintenance-Free Batteries 2x12V 7Ahr
    Charger 110VAC / 24VDC
    Prices Starting At $2495

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