About Lift'n Buddy

An Idea Becomes a Reality

Lift'n Buddy was established in 2011 in Fargo, North Dakota. The company became part of a North Dakota State University "incubator" program known as InnovateND. It was in this business nurturing environment that the idea for a better lifting and transporting device became a reality. Product designs were finalized, prototypes developed and finally production units began rolling out of the manufacturing facility.


Quickly Recognized as Something Special

Soon after the first Lift'n Buddy units began to appear in manufacturing, warehouse, retail and other facilities, the accolades started to come. From write-ups in leading materials handling publications, the recognition soon took the form of product design and development awards. Just recently Lift'n Buddy received the highly coveted Edison Award™ honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. For a more complete list of awards click here.


Joining The Southworth Family

In March of 2013, Lift'n Buddy was acquired by The Southworth International Group, Inc.

Southworth International Group is the parent of a family of companies whose mission is to Make Work Faster, Safer and Easier.

Southworth’s roots date back more than a century. For much of this history, the company has been developing and supplying equipment that provides the many benefits of the practical application of ergonomics in the manufacturing and warehousing industries. Its divisions are widely recognized for their innovative approach to application engineering, extensive product offerings, adaptability to exact customer requirements, and service both before and after sales. Steve Albert, VP Sales of SIGI, noted that “Lift’n Buddy is an innovative product that is a natural extension of our broad lifting and positioning product line. We're extremely excited about this acquisition".