Pail Lifter

Pail Lifter

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Lifting and transporting 5 gallon pails is no problem when you have a Pail Lifter. The lifting plate features u-shaped recesses that allow the unit to move right up next to a pail and securely support it just under the top lip. This unique design allows users to access an entire stack of pails (up to 3 high) or any portion of the stack without any manual lifting or repositioning.

Simply press a button to raise pails from floor level to an under clearance height of 35" (or anywhere in between) in a matter seconds. Use the Pail Lifter for loading and unloading from pallets, shelves, racks, workbenches, paint shakers, delivery vehicles or any number of applications that require 5 gallon pails and buckets to be lifted and/or transported.

Key Features

  • Works with 5-gallon latex paint plastic pails - not for use with metal pails
  • Operates in narrow aisles - congested areas
  • Picks pails from floor or pallets
  • Integrated pail retainer
  • Can be used to load tinters, shakers, or vehicles
  • Moves easily on any surface indoors or out
  • Portable / lightweight - fits easily in any van or truck
  • Unit is free-standing even when loaded and raised


  •  Lifting Capacity  200 lbs
     Lift Carriage Travel  37"
     Under Pail Clearance  35"
     Overall Height  52" lowered / 82" raised
     Lifting Controls  Thumb Switch - on handle
     Wheels  8" solid
     Battery  24V 7.2 Amp-Hr
     Battery Charger  110V
    Prices Starting At $2950


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