The Lift'n Buddy Advantage

Two-wheel hand trucks are everywhere. They're a great way to get goods from one location to another. Unfortunately you still need to bend, stretch and lift to load and unload them. Lift'n Buddy Elevating Hand Trucks feature powered lifting and lowering to make loading and unloading a breeze.

lnb 2

LNB-2 Powered Lift Hand Truck

LNB Thumbnail 2All the versatility and ease-of-use of a conventional two-wheel hand truck but with the added benefit of powered lifting and lowering. Lightweight, portable, and capable of lifting loads of up to 200 lbs.

Use LNB-2 to transfer loads to shelves, workbenches, conveyors, processing equipment, delivery trucks, and customer vehicles in a wide range of facilities including manufacturing, warehousing, retail,
office, medical, hospitality, commercial bakeries, repair/rental shops & more!



Keg Lifter - Keg Transporter with Powered Lift

Keg Lifter ThumbSpecifically designed and built to address the problems associated with moving, lifting, stacking and storing kegs. The Keg Lifter is a compact, lightweight and extremely maneuverable.

It perfect for a wide range of uses including in Pubs, Restaurants, and Micro-Breweries, Beer Distributors, Liquor Stores, Wholesale Clubs, Catering Services, Arenas & Stadiums and many more. They can even go in delivery trucks

Pail Lifter Home

Pail Lifter - 5-Gallon Pail Transporter with Powered Lift

The Pail Lifter features a unique lifting yoke that securely supports 5-gallon pails of paint, construction materials, adhesives, chemicals and food, during transport. It is as easy to use as any two-wheel handtruck, but offers the added convenience of powered lifting and lowering.
Series 4 Home

Series 4

The Lift'n Buddy Series 4 combines the convenience of powered lifting with the stability and ease of use of a four wheel transporter. With capacities ranging from 185 lbs. to 450 lbs., they are ideal for a wide range of industrial, retail, laboratory, and office applications.