October 6, 2014

Lift'n Buddy is on Tap

Beer has long been the beverage of choice for football games, and with the season upon us again, more customers are going to their local retail stores to purchase kegs and cases of their frothed fall favorites.  Retail stores are more and more conscious of the safety and the health of their employees which makes this time of year a perfect opportunity to remind your retail clients about the benefits of replacing standard hand trucks with a Lift'n Buddy.

The LNB-350 is a versatile tool that can be used in many applications at beer stores, as it operates in the same manner as a 2-wheeler.  The LNB-350 has a small footprint, similar to a hand truck, so can be used in tight spaces such as coolers or aisles.

Safety Tip of the Day:

When moving and lifting kegs or other cylindrical items be sure to use the Lift'n Buddy keg hook to safely secure the load.

How are Beer and Liquor Stores

Using Lift'n Buddy


Delivery Trucks
The LNB-350 can be used to deliver kegs and cases to and from a delivery truck.  With a lift height of 36", products can be moved from a truck to a cooler, shelf or on to the floor.  The LNB-350 platform will nest onto the shelf of a side-loading truck so product can slide or roll on/off, eliminating the need to bend and lift while loading and unloading.


The LNB-350 can be fitted with a height-adjustable keg attachment that will secure the keg to keep from moving side-to-side.  With a load capacity of 350 lbs, the LNB-350 can lift kegs from 5 gal to 16 gal.


The LNB-350's small footprint allows a worker to eliminate bending and lifting onto shelves or stacks in narrow aisles.  The LNB-350 lifts to the ergonomically correct height of a sales counter or checkout lane.  Although some shelves are higher than 36" the Lift'n Buddy completely eliminates bending from the waist while moving product on to shelves.


The LNB-350 can be used on the retail floor for merchandising product on shelves or in stacks.  The maneuverability of the machine allows a worker to move product in confined spaces, similarly to a hand truck.  Non-marking wheels are standard on all Lift'n Buddy models to maintain a polished floor and an unblemished retail environment.


Customer Service
The LNB-350 has a lift height that will work well to load most vehicles, including pickups.  This can be particularly helpful in transporting kegs or large orders.  This helps promote the image of a safe work environment to employees and shows customers that you are conscious of their needs.

Where We Are Going-Where We Have Been

Face-to-Face Sales Support

You may have seen some smiling faces from the Lift'n Buddy office in recent weeks.  Aaron Lamb, Nikki Lamb and Brad Lindermann have been traveling the country to introduce the Lift'n Buddy to you and your customers.  In the coming weeks, expect to see Aaron and Nikki in parts of Minnesota, Colorado, and Michigan.  Let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting or customer presentation, whether you're in these areas, would like to plan for the future, or have interest in an online webinar. Call 855-Lift-Bud (855-543-8283) for questions or to make an appointment in your area. See you soon!

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