August 1, 2014

1,000,000 Workers in the United States Will Suffer a Back Injury This Year

"Zero Defects" is often touted as the ultimate goal for most manufacturers.  As you know defects in manufacturing and distribution can cost companies millions of dollars when products are returned and repairs are needed.  Ironically most companies will overlook the costs related to back injuries.  Worker's compensation claims, sick leave, and litigation fees will significantly impact an organization's bottom line.  Worst of all, injuries lead to low employee morale and leave the companies with awful reputations.  Employers will save money by providing workers with the proper tools, effective control programs, and ergonomically design tasks; we call this "Zero Injury" policy.  It's time for you to talk with your customers about investing in proper lifting equipment.

Safety Tip of the Day:

Eliminate repetitive lifting.  Place items that you typically bend over to reach at a better height to decrease the risk of injury.

Beat the Heat

Once again it's that time of year when temperatures routinely reach into the triple digits.  For those that have to work outside a Lift'n Buddy can significantly reduce the amount of effort needed for day to day activities. Keep a close eye out for symptoms of heat stroke and remember to drink plenty of water, find occasional shade, and let Lift'n Buddy help you with the heavy lifting.

Where We Are Going-Where We Have Been

Face-to-Face Sales Support

You may have seen some smiling faces from the Lift'n Buddy office in recent weeks.  We have been traveling the country to introduce the Lift'n Buddy to you and your customers.  In the coming weeks, expect to see us in parts of Michigan.  While Nikki will be caring for her newborn baby!  Let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting or customer presentation, whether you're in these areas, would like to plan for the future, or have interest in an online webinar. Call 855-Lift-Bud (855-543-8283) for questions or to make an appointment in your area. See you soon!

Q&A Tuesdays

Me & Yousdays

Do you have Lift'n Buddy questions?  Check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter where we will be answering any of your questions Tuesday of each week.

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