October 2013

The Tethered Remote

All the Control You Need
Wherever You Need It

The new Lift'n Buddy with a tethered remote control is now in stock! The updated push button control allows you to adjust the height of the lift plate from any side of the Lift'n Buddy. The remote is built from high quality plastic and rubber intended for the most demanding environments. The control is attached to the unit via a 3 foot heavy-duty coiled cord that can extend to more than 6 feet. The remote holster on the rear of the machine will firmly hold the controls in place while you are on the move. Call us today with questions or ordering information. 1-855-LIFT-BUD.

Visit our website at www.liftnbuddy.com or click the green link below to visit our safety blog. Let us know how we can support you and your team. We are happy to assist.

Safety Tip of the Day:

Tighten the ab muscles when lifting heavy objects. This adds additional support to the spine and will help avoid injury.

NSC Expo 2013

The Lift'n Buddy team would like to thank everyone that was able to stop by our booth at the National Safety Council Show in Chicago. We truly appreciate your time and hope you enjoyed the entire show. If you were not able to make it to Chicago keep an eye out for future newsletters as we have multiple upcoming shows that may be in your area

We have made our dealer demo feedback form available online for your convenience. Follow the link to share your customer feedback and receive your demo dollars faster after demonstrating product! www.liftnbuddy.com/demo

Where We Are Going-Where We Have Been

Face-to-Face Sales Support
You may have seen some smiling faces from the Lift'n Buddy office in recent weeks.  Aaron Lamb, Nikki Lamb and Brad Lindemann have been traveling the country to introduce the Lift'n Buddy to you and your customers.  In the coming weeks,expect to see Aaron in areas of Missouri and Illinois.  Brad will be visiting Minnesota. Nikki will be in Ohio, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting or customer presentations, whether you're in these areas, would like to plan for the future or have interest in an online webinar.  Call 855-Lift-Bud (855-543-8283) for questions or to make an appointment in your area.  See you soon!

Q&A Tuesdays

Me & Yousdays
Do you have Lift'n Buddy questions? Check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter where we will be answering any of your questions Tuesday of each week.

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