August 2013

Bigger is Better

XL Lift'n Buddy Now Available
Due to an overwhelming demand Lift'n Buddy is proud to present our Extra Large Lift Plate. You'll no longer need to worry about going past the 10" load center with this machine. The XL Lift'n Buddy is ideal for any situation where the standard 20"x16" just won't cut it. The XL lift plate offers dimensions of 28" wide by 25" deep perfect for applications such as:

  • Coffee/Cappuccino machines
  • Soda fountain dispensers
  • Food service equipment
  • Lifting large bins or totes
  • Building materials
  • Appliance delivery

Safety Tip of the Day:

Warm up. Stretching out your back and doing a toe touches is a great way to avoid throwing out your back when lifting heavy objects.

Help Me Help You

Adding Lift'n Buddy to your newsletters, catalogs and website is a guaranteed way to increase exposure and generate more sales for your company. Get Lift'n Buddy added to your marketing material today and it won't be long before you're shouting SHOW ME THE MONEY!
High definition photos and videos can be attained by contacting Brad Lindemann from our office.

Dealer Spotlight: For two months in a row Drew Adams of Barron Equipment has been our top performer by earning $200 in Demo Dollar Gift cards! If you are not familiar with this program, please reach out to Nikki or Brad in the Lift'n Buddy office to find out more!

We have made our dealer demo feedback form available online for your convenience. Follow the link to share your customer feedback and receive your demo dollars faster after demonstrating product!

Where We Are Going-Where We Have Been

Face-to-Face Sales Support
You may have seen some smiling faces from the Lift'n Buddy office in recent weeks. Aaron Lamb, Nikki Lamb and Brad Lindemann have been traveling the country to introduce the Lift'n Buddy to you and your customers. In the coming weeks,expect to see Aaron in areas of Georgia. Brad will be visiting Minnesota. Nikki will be in California, Colorado and Utah. Let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting or customer presentations, whether you're in these areas, would like to plan for the future or have interest in an online webinar. Call 855-Lift-Bud (855-543-8283) for questions or to make an appointment in your area. See you soon!

Q&A Tuesdays

Me & Yousdays
Do you have Lift'n Buddy questions? Check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter where we will be answering any of your questions Tuesday of each week.

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