June 2013

Our Valued Distributor

Thank you for dedicating time to learn about the Lift'n Buddy and the various applications and industries where customers can benefit from this innovative product. Your interest and dedication to promoting the Lift'n Buddy is greatly appreciated. We are happy to schedule webinars or visit with you in person to talk more about Lift'n Buddy opportunities.  We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.

Safety Tip of the Day:

Get help with lifting large or awkward objects. Use mechanical lifting devices if the load is too heavy.

Welcome Aboard Demo Program

As we ramp up our marketing efforts, all leads are passed on to you, our valued distributor.  Having a demo unit through our preferred dealer program allows us to shorten the sales cycle and let the customer see the ergonomic benefit in their specific application.  We know that this is the best possible way to sell the Lif'tn Buddy and we appreciate your support in giving your customers exposure to the product.

Dealer Spotlight: Lisa Bottoms of Miami Industrial Truck has earned $200 in Demo Dollar Gift cards!  If you are not familiar with this program, please reach out to Nikki or Brad in the Lift'n Buddy office to find out more!

We have made our dealer demo feedback form available online for your convenience. Follow the link to share your customer feedback and receive your demo dollars faster after demonstrating product!


Where We Are Going-Where We Have Been

Face-to-Face Sales Support

You may have seen some smiling faces from the Lift'n Buddy office in recent weeks.  Aaron Lamb, Nikki Lamb and Brad Lindemann have been traveling the country to introduce the Lift'n Buddy to you and your customers.  We have traveled the East Regions, West Regions and parts of the Midwest. In the coming weeks,expect to see Aaron in areas of Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and New Mexico.  Brad will be visiting Indiana, Missouri and Southern California.  Let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting or customer presentations, whether you're in these areas or would like to plan for the future.  Call 855-Lift-Bud (855-543-8283) for questions or to make an appointment in your area. See you soon!

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